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Wolfe Road Recycled Water Facilities Project

Investing in a reliable water supply to sustain the economy and quality of life for Sunnyvale and Santa Clara County.

Updated January 18, 2017

Paving work along Wolfe Road to begin next week

We are excited to share that the Wolfe Road construction is almost complete. We've completed the installation of the 24-inch recycled water pipe underneath Wolfe Road. Crews are currently installing appurtenances and performing pressure testing of the pipe. Upon completion of pressure testing, permanent paving will be placed over the trenched areas where the pipe was installed.

Paving of the trench areas is expected to begin during the week of Monday, January 23 and take approximately one month to complete (subject to weather). The paving process will include removing the temporary paving over trench areas, replacing it with the permanent paving, and replacing any lane striping as needed per the city of Sunnyvale's requirements.

Work is expected to progress in sections and will involve use of traffic control, similar to what was used during the pipe installation. Advance notification will be provided when on-street parking will be affected. For everyone's safety, please be alert for traffic control modifications.

Pump station construction continues

In addition to installing the recycled water pipeline underneath Wolfe Road, the project includes building a booster pump station at Sunnyvale's San Lucar Pump Station, south of Kifer Road and north of the Union Pacific (Caltrain) railroad tracks. The pump station work is contained on site and will not impact Wolfe Road and will not require traffic controls. The pump station is expected to be completed in spring 2017.

Apple's pipeline connection across Homestead Road

Later this winter, Apple will install a turnout pipe to connect the new Apple Campus 2 to the Wolfe Road Recycled Water pipe. The connection will cross through the intersection of Wolfe Road and Homestead Road. For more information about the Apple work, visit the construction update webpage or contact Edith Sandoval at or 408-783-4613.

We will continue to share new information on the website and with the email subscriber list.


Project summary

The Wolfe Road Recycled Water Facilities Project will expand recycled water distribution in Sunnyvale, provide service to the Apple Campus 2 and help the water district expand recycled water use throughout the county. The project is a partnership between the Santa Clara Valley Water District, City of Sunnyvale, Apple, Inc. and California Water Service Company.

Project highlights

  • The project is one of the largest recycled water projects for the water district to date.
  • The new facilities will reduce dependency on imported and local potable (drinking) water by expanding recycled water distribution.
  • This infrastructure builds the foundation for potential future business customers in Sunnyvale and Cupertino.
  • The project’s unique partnership between public and private agencies stands as a model of collaboration and demonstrates our community’s commitment to developing drought-proof water supplies for our future.

Project area

The project will include building a booster pump station and installing 2.5-miles of recycled water pipeline underneath Wolfe Road. The booster pump station will be built at Sunnyvale’s San Lucar Pump Station, south of Kifer Road and north of the Union Pacific (Caltrain) railroad tracks. The recycled water pipe will begin at the pump station and end at Homestead Road.

Project specifics and timeline

Planning 2012-2013



Construction Spring 2016

The City of Sunnyvale completed the planning phase of the project and the water district is leading the design and construction phases. The agencies continue to work together to implement the project as efficiently as possible, minimize construction and traffic impacts, and keep the community informed of the project’s progress.

Construction began in spring 2016 and will last for approximately one year. The recycled water pipeline will be installed underneath Wolfe Road and construction will remain within the boundaries of the road and sidewalk. Construction will progress in sections of approximately 50-100 feet per day. Traffic restrictions along Wolfe Road will be made with consideration of commute times as much as practical. Alternative routes for bicycles and detours for vehicles and pedestrians will be provided. Public transit (bus) route and stop changes will be managed by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and will be posted on the VTA construction notice web page.

Funding partnership

The project will cost $17.5 million and will be funded by the Santa Clara Valley Water District ($6.6 million), Apple, Inc. ($4.8 million), City of Sunnyvale ($2.1 million), and California Water Service Company ($1.5 million). The water district and Sunnyvale jointly applied for and received a grant from the California Department of Water Resources ($2.5 million).

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Project Quick Look

Construction Start Spring 2016
Construction Finish Spring 2017
Location Sunnyvale
Status Construction

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