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Water Waste Inspector Program

The water district’s water waste inspectors are responding to more and more reports of water waste and violations of local water use restrictions.

While the water district’s team is not empowered to issue fines, they do provide education and resources to help residents reduce water use and eliminate water waste.

4 ways to report water waste in Santa Clara County
Call 408-630-2000
download Access Valley Water app
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What happens when you submit
a water waste case?

When the water district receives a report of water waste, one of our Water Waste Inspectors is dispatched to the address.

First Visit: Our water waste inspectors respond to reports of broken sprinklers, excessive watering, watering during restricted times or other water waste issues. They try to meet with the homeowner, resident or business owner to identify the problem and recommend ways to resolve it. In most cases, learning they have a broken sprinkler or are inadvertently wasting water by watering during restricted times, the resident or business owner understands and takes care of the issue.

  • If no one is home, the inspector leaves an informative door hanger

Second Visit:
If the inspectors subsequently receive another report of water waste at the same location, they will again visit the site and encourage the responsible party to take care of the problem.

Third Visit: On the third report of the same water wasting issue, the district may refer the case to the local water provider responsible for that address.

How the water company responds varies with the jurisdiction. There may be more educational attempts, or they may have a citation or fine system in place.

Check with your local water provider to learn more about their restrictions and water conservation mandates.

Questions? Call our drought hotline at (408) 630-2000.