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Treatment Processes Help Remove Pharmaceutical Traces

The Santa Clara Valley Water District continues its commitment to providing healthy drinking water to you as pharmaceuticals pose potential threats to the county’s drinking water sources. But residents are reminded that doing their part to reduce pharmaceutical waste in water at home is the best and most cost-effective answer to this emerging problem.
Results of a new Associated Press study found traces of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones in the nation’s drinking water. To ensure that you are provided with the highest quality drinking water possible, the Santa Clara Valley Water District continues to rigorously test its drinking water supply for contaminants.

In Valley Water’s testing of source water for Santa Clara County, it found only minute detections of pharmaceuticals.

Providing a high quality of life to the residents of Santa Clara County is part of Valley Water’s mission and it uses many treatment processes, including the advanced water purification technology known as ozonation, to reduce even this small presence of pharmaceuticals in water.

In addition to the current treatment processes, Valley Water is just completing construction of its new water quality laboratory, which will ensure that you receive some of the most pure and healthy water in the country.

While Valley Water continues its efforts to address these emerging water issues, it encourages you to do your part to reduce water contamination at home by following the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which recommends not flushing prescription drugs down the toilet unless the accompanying patient information specifically instructs it is safe to do so. This is the best and most cost-effective way to ensure safe, healthy water at the tap. To learn more about alternative ways to dispose of your prescription drugs, visit Santa Clara County’s website.

For a list of locations where you can safely dispose of unwanted medications, visit Save The Bay.