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Meetings and Notices

The Coyote Creek Flood Protection Planning Study creates a number of documents during the barious phases of work to support the study. The list on the right or links below provide some of the maps that were created, early descriptions along with initial public meeting announcements and responses.


  • An update meeting was held at Orchard School on the evening of Sept. 7, 2011
  • A new project schedule which better illustrates the emphasis for a master plan environmental document was shown.
  • Limitations of the current funding from the "Clean,Safe Creeks" bond measure that sunsets in 2016 were discussed and the continuation of work to plan and design portions of the lower reaches of Coyote Creek were discussed.  Alternatives for these lower reaches are available here.
  • Costs of the design and construction of reaches 4 and 5 were shown on a display at the meeting. 
  • A revised project timeline was also presented at the meeting. 


  • An update meeting was held at Olinder School on April 28, 2010.
  • Upstream options which would help mitigate the high flows in the downtown area were presented for public comment.
  • Cost estimates of the various alternatives considered are provided on the Upstream Alternative List.


- An  update meeting  is scheduled for the evening of Nov. 18, 2009 at Olinder School.

-  A planning study update was mailed in August to the neighborhood mailing list.

- Public meetings and a bus tour were hosted by the water district on June 1 and June 3, 2009 at local elementary schools.  (meeting notice) The bus tour was held on Saturday, June 6, 2009.  (meeting and bus tour photos) District staff presented an array of possible flood protection elements that might prove to be feasible if used for this watershed.  The alternatives were illustrated showing the benefits they provided when compared to the project goals and also showed the physical size needed if the element was used exclusively. 

Mid-Coyote reach map

Area map showing the numbered reaches for this planning study.  The light blue shading shows the flooding hazard areas along this creek.

The project fact sheet (shell) and the reach inserts were also distributed to attendees. (available for download on the right)  Many questions and concerns were captured by water district staff at these meetings.  Water district responses to these concerns are available here.

    Meeting responses for 6/1 and 6/3/2009 public meetings.



- Download information from the list on the right to access a complete history of where this planning study has been and what adjustment have been made. Nov. 5, 12, 2008 public meetings 

         - Questions and Answers from the November public outreach meetings (PDF 106 KB)

        .  Oct. 23 -24, Nov. 1, 2006 public meetings