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Neighborhood Work Notices

Receive something from the water district in the mail? Wonder about work going on in your neighborhood and want more information? You can find it here.

Please note that project start dates and duration may vary due to site conditions and equipment availability.

Stream Maintenance Program (SMP) - More than 800 miles of creeks flow through Santa Clara County and its five watersheds. The water district has kept pace with the county’s growing population and economy, conducting levee repairs and sediment removal as part of its annual Stream Maintenance Program.

Date City Watershed* Project SMP
10/25/2016     San Jose             Coyote Berryessa Creek Vegetation Removal Project (at Old Piedmont Road) Y
09/28/2016 Palo Alto Lower Peninsula Stanford Channel Sediment Removal Project   Y
09/21/2016 Campbell West Valley Drilling work at Page Ponds and McGlincy Ponds  N
08/29/2016          San Jose     Coyote Berryessa Creek Sediment Removal Project (at Piedmont Road) Y
08/19/2016 Santa Clara  West Valley  Y
07/28/2016 Mountain View Lower Peninsula
07/28/2016 Santa Clara West Valley Y
07/22/2016         Morgan Hill     Uvas/Llagas Llagas Creek Vegetation Removal Project (at Santa Teresa Boulevard) Y
07/20/2016 Palo Alto Lower Peninsula Y
07/18/2016 San Jose     Guadalupe     Guadalupe River Sediment Removal Y
07/18/2016 Palo Alto Lower Peninsula Matadero Creek Vegetation Removal Y
07/18/2016 San Jose     Guadalupe          Golf Creek Bank Repair Y
07/14/2016 Santa Clara West Valley Y
06/22/2016 Cupertino West Valley Regnart Creek Erosion Repair Project  Y
07/04/2016 San Jose Coyote Berryessa Creek Bank Repair Project Y
07/01/2016           San Jose Coyote     Coyote Creek Sediment Removal Project Y
06/29/2016 Palo Alto/East Palo Alto Lower Peninsula N
06/15/2016 Cupertino Lower Peninsula Y
06/14/2016 Palo Alto Lower Peninsula San Francisquito Creek Vegetation Control Project  Y
06/03/2016 Saratoga West Valley Saratoga Creek Bank Repair Project   Y
06/01/2016 Milpitas Coyote     Lower Penitencia Creek Improvement Project Update N
05/02/2016 San Jose Guadalupe Upper Guadalupe River Flood Protection Project, Reach 12 Update N
04/28/2016 San Jose Coyote Lower Silver Creek Flood Protection Project Spring Update N
04/25/2016     Los Gatos Guadalupe Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Excavation Work  N
04/21/2016 San Jose Coyote Penitencia Pipeline Seismic Retrofit Project N
04/11/2016 San Jose Coyote Penitencia Water Treatment Plant Upgrades N
03/29/2016 San Jose Guadalupe Santa Teresa Water Treatment Plant Solar Project  N
03/23/2016 Sunnyvale West Valley Wolfe Road Recycled Water Facilities Project - Preconstruction neighborhood notice N
03/28/2016         Morgan Hill/Gilroy    Uvas/Llagas Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection Project Update N
01/11/2016 San Jose Guadalupe Snell Pipeline Maintenance Project N
01/22/2016           San Jose     Coyote Penitencia Water Treatment Plant Solar Panel Installation and Weather Radar Pilot Study N
10/29/2015 Saratoga  West Valley Wildcat Creek Vegetation Management Y
9/29/2015 San Jose Coyote Upper Penitencia Creek Bank Repair Project Y
9/21/2015 Mtn. View Lower Peninsula Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project - Neighborhood Work Notice for 935 Mtn. View Ave.  N
9/11/2015 Mtn. View Lower Peninsula Stevens Creek-Evelyn Bridge Fish Passage Project  N
9/8/2015 Milpitas Coyote Lower Penitencia Creek Sediment Removal Project Y
8/28/2015 San Jose Guadalupe

Guadalupe River Bank Repair Project

8/24/2015 Cupertino Lower Peninsula Stevens Creek Bank Repair Project 2015  Y
8/24/2015 San Jose West Valley Calabazas Creek Bank Repair Project 2015  Y
7/30/2015         Morgan Hill     Uvas/Llagas West Little Llagas Creek Sediment Removal 2015    Y
6/29/2015 San Jose Guadalupe Ross Creek Bank Repair Project 2015  Y
6/29/2015 San Jose     Coyote 2015 Upper Silver Creek Sediment Removal Y
6/29/2015       Milpitas    Coyote 2015 Lower Penitencia Creek Bank Repair Y
6/29/2015 Saratoga West Valley Wildcat Creek Bank Repair Project 2015  Y
6/22/2015 Milpitas Coyote Lower Berryessa Creek Flood Protection Project Update N
4/24/2015 San Jose Guadalupe Upper Guadalupe River Reach 12 April 2015 N
4/21/2015 San Jose Coyote Lower Silver Creek Flood Protection Update N
10/29/2014 Gilroy Uvas Llagas Chesbro and Uvas Reservoir Fact Sheet 2014 N
10/24/2014 San Jose Guadalupe Upper Guadalupe River Flood Protection - Reach 12 N
10/24/2014 San Jose/ Los Gatos Guadalupe Vasona Pumping Plant Seismic Upgrade 2014 N
09/26/2014 San Jose West Valley Calabazas Creek Outfall Repair 2014 Y
09/19/2014 Santa Clara West Valley 2014 San Tomas Aquino Creek Storm Drain Repair Y
09/01/2014 San Jose Guadalupe 2014 Upper Guadalupe River Sediment Removal Sign Y
08/29/2014 Palo Alto Lower Peninsula 2014 Adobe/Barron Creeks Sediment Removal Y
08/15/2014 San Jose Guadalupe 2014 Solar panel letter to neighbors N
08/15/2014 Mountain View Lower Peninsula 2014 Permanente Creek Maintenance Y
08/13/2014 Saratoga West Valley 2014 Calabazas Creek outfall repair Y
07/16/2014 San Jose Guadalupe 2014 Almaden Lake Neighborhood Update 7 N
07/09/2014 San Jose Coyote 2014 Penitencia/Helmsley Groundwater Ponds Maintenance Y
07/09/2014 Morgan Hill Uvas Llagas 2014 Main Avenue Groundwater Pond Maintenance Y
05/09/2014 San Jose Guadalupe 2014 Groundwater Recharge Ponds Work N
05/07/2014 San Jose Guadalupe 2014 Groundwater Recharge Ponds Neighborhood Work Notice N
03/07/2014 San Jose Coyote Milpitas Pipeline Maintenance 2014 N

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*A watershed is the area of land that drains a common waterway. For example, water flowing in Coyote Creek began as rainfall in the Coyote Watershed, as shown on the watershed map. In Santa Clara County, our creeks catch rain and runoff from storm drains and carry the water north to San Francisco Bay or south to Monterey Bay.

Watershed Map - July 2015