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Fellows Dike Improvement

Project goal:
To resolve the Fellows Dike issues to optimize the water utility benefits of Calero Reservoir in a cost-effective manner while considering stakeholder interests that are consistent with District policies.

What is Fellows Dike and why is the Water District studying it?
Fellows Dike is an older earthen dike (or small dam) located on the southern-most section of Calero Reservoir and protects Calero Ranch Stables and the historic Bailey-Fellows House from inundation from the reservoir water.

The dike is under the jurisdiction of the state’s Division of Safety of Dams and has been determined to be in a deteriorated condition. The state has restricted the Santa Clara Valley Water District from impounding water against the dike and has indicated that it is not acceptable to leave the dike in its current condition. This operational restriction has resulted in a reduction of 2,000 acre-feet of water storage capacity in Calero Reservoir.

The Water District is conducting a study of Fellows Dike to determine alternatives to remove the current restriction on storage capacity for Calero Reservoir.

Water District contact:
For more information about this study, contact Donna Collins, Senior Project Manager, (408) 265-2607, ext. 2572.