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E8: Upper Guadalupe River Flood Protection. Highway 280 to Blossom Hill Road—San Jose

Preferred project: A federal-state-local partnership

This project is federally authorized and continues a 2000 Clean, Safe Creeks project in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to plan, design and construct improvements along 5.5 miles of channel extending from Interstate 280 to Blossom Hill Road. Improvements include channel widening, construction of floodwalls and levees, replacement of road crossings and planting of streamside vegetation. Reducing flood frequency and bank erosion will improve water quality, while planned mitigation measures will give fish access to an additional 12 miles of habitat within and upstream of the project reach.


  • Preferred project will construct 1 percent flood conveyance capacity for 5.5 miles of channel in San Jose, protecting approximately 6,280 homes, 320 businesses and 10 schools/institutions Local funding only constructs improvements to 4,100 linear feet to convey 1 percent flow
  • Improves stream habitat values and fisheries
  • Improves stream water quality
  • Allows for creek side trail access

Project Status

(As of April 2016)

  1. USACE plans to complete the mitigation planting for Reach 12 under a separate contract in 2016.
  2. USACE expects to complete the 100% channel design improvements and 2 vehicular bridge extensions in Reaches 7 and 8 by December, 2016.
  3. The USACE accepted the Betterment request for the replacement of 2 railroad bridges in Reaches 7.
  4. District continues acquiring rights of way for the project.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Preferred project with federal and local funding: Construct a flood protection project to provide 1 percent flood protection to 6,280 homes, 320 businesses and 10 schools and institutions

  2. With local funding only: Construct flood protection improvements along 4,100 feet of Guadalupe River between the Southern Pacific Railroad crossing downstream of Willow Street to the Union Pacific Railroad crossing downstream of Padres Drive. Flood damage will be reduced; however, protection from the 1 percent flood is not provided until completion of the entire Upper Guadalupe River project


Priority E-200

Project Information

Project Finish Through
FY 2022
Safe Clean Water
Program funding

$73.3 M**

(Dollars 2015)

**More financial information: 5-Year Implementation Plan, pages: 19-27

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