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D4: Fish Habitat and Passage Improvement

This project helps restore and maintain healthy steelhead trout populations by improving fish passage and habitat. Possible work sites include Alamitos Creek at Lake Almaden and Ogier Ponds in the Coyote watershed, where man-made creek alterations disrupt fish migration. The project also includes studies of steelhead streams throughout the county to determine where improvements are needed to support spawning, rearing and migration. Funding also pays for the development of a program to use large woody debris to create fish habitat.


  • Improves spawning and rearing habitat within the Coyote, Guadalupe and other watersheds
  • Improves steelhead trout habitat
  • Helps provide required mitigation for environmental impacts for the countywide Stream Maintenance Program.

Project Status

(As of October 2016)

  1. Project is on schedule
  2. On May 12, 2015, Board approved Environmental Consultant Agreement for consultant services to perform the environmental analysis and prepare a draft EIR for the project. See the Almaden Lake Project webpage located here for additional information
  3. Completed topographic/bathymetery analysis at Ogier Ponds. District staff is currently working with Santa Clara County Parks Staff on the second half of the feasibility study which includes a water budget and percolation analysis.
  4. Watch a video about the completed construction of the first fish passage project under D4, Evelyn Bridge Fish Passage Project, on November 22, 2015.The District will continue to monitor the passage conditions through the new facility.
  5. Begin negotiations with UPRR, on property rights below Bolsa Bridge. Completed 65% design and staff in the process of internal QA/QC.
  6. The City of San Jose has selected a preferred design for Singleton Road Project and has hired a consultant to begin preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. The District will continue to coordinate with the City of San Jose.

 Key Performance Indicators

  1. Complete planning and design for two creek/lake separations
  2. Construct one creek/lake separation project in partnership with local agencies
  3. Use $6 million for fish passage improvements
  4. Conduct study of all major steelhead streams in the county to identify priority locations for installation of large woody debris and gravel as appropriate
  5. Install large woody debris and/or gravel at a minimum of 5 sites (1 per each of 5 major watersheds)



Priority D-200

Project Information

Project Start FY 2014
Project Finish FY 2019
Safe Clean Water
Program funding

$26.2 M**

(2015 Dollars)

**More financial information: 5-Year Implementation Plan, pages: 19-27
Status Planning, Design & Construction
Location Countywide

For more information: