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C2: Emergency Response Upgrades

This project covers the development of an automated flood warning system that uses real-time rainfall data to predict stream flows and potential flood risk. The system efficiently disseminates information to emergency responders and the public using the web, texting, automated calls, and other technologies, allowing more time to activate flood-fighting measures and reduce flood damage.


  • Enhances interagency response to storm-related emergencies
  • Improves the accuracy of flood forecasting services
  • Helps municipalities and neighborhoods lessen flood impacts
  • Maintains access to technical resources that assist municipalities with floodplain management
  • Promotes community awareness of flood risks
  • Implements risk reduction strategies consistent with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Community Rating System as appropriate

Project Status

(As of September 2017)

  • A forecast point on Lower Silver Creek was added early last year to respond to El Niño risks and the unfinished capital project.  However, this point does not have flood footprints available yet.  Altogether, the system now has urban forecast points on Upper Guadalupe River, West Little Llagas Creek, San Francisquito Creek, Uvas Creek, and Lower Silver Creek.  A pilot forecast point to predict Coyote reservoir inflows using similar processes, but differing modeling methodology was developed over the summer and will be added to the forecast list to test its performance, which will assist in reservoir operations to reduce flood risks on Coyote Creek.  This year will focus on using simpler methodology that will allow for faster optimization during real flood events.

Key Performance Indicator

  1. Map, install, and maintain gauging stations and computer software on seven flood-prone reaches to generate and disseminate flood warnings. 

Priority C-200

FY17 Annual Report Status 

StatusOn Target
Project StartFY 2014
Project FinishFY 2023
Safe Clean Water
Program funding

 $3.5 M**

(2015 Dollars)

**More financial information: 5-Year Implementation Plan, pages: 19-27

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