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A1: Main Ave and Madrone Pipelines Restoration

This project will restore the Main Avenue and Madrone pipelines to full operating capacity conveying 10 cubic feet per second (cfs) and 27 cfs, respectively, for a total of 37 cfs from Anderson Reservoir or the Santa Clara Conduit for groundwater recharge via the Main Avenue Recharge Ponds and the Madrone Channel. The project will plan, design and construct approximately 14,000 linear feet (or 2.6 miles) of 30-inch diameter pipeline and associated appurtenances.


  • Increases groundwater recharge by about 2,000 acre-feet per year in South County’s Llagas Groundwater Sub-basin, a sufficient water supply for 4,000 families of five
  • Improves operational flexibility
  • Maximizes the delivery of imported water to treatment plants supplying drinking water to North County
  • Saves energy, reduces operating costs, and cuts CO2 emissions by reducing dependence on Coyote Pumping Plant

Project Status, Main & Madrone Pipeline Restoration Project

Updated May 25, 2017: Final Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration

(As of  July 2017)

  • The Engineer’s Report was adopted in June 2017.
  • The Project’s 90% design documents were completed in June 2017.
  • The Project’s final design documents have been initiated and are scheduled to be completed in August 2017.
  • The Project’s construction contract advertisement is scheduled to occur in September 2017.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Restore transmission pipelines to full operating capacity of 37 cubic feet per second from Anderson Reservoir
  2. Restore ability to deliver 20 cubic feet per second to Madrone Channel

Priority A 200


Project Information

Project Start FY 2015
Project Finish FY 2018
Safe Clean Water
Program funding

$16.1 M**

(2015 Dollars)

**More financial information: 5-Year Implementation Plan, pages: 19-27
Status Design

For information, contact: