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Information for current participants

Adopt-A-Creek application

Tips on getting more people to participate

Safety tips for creek cleaners

Scheduling your next creek cleanup. You can schedule your next cleanup on-line using Access Valley Water customer request system or by calling Kate Slama at (408) 265-2607, ext. 2239. If you need help using this system, contact us. Let us know your group's name, phone number, permit number, adopted creek area, and cleanup date and time. We can also arrange for a maintenance crew to pick up the collected debris after your creek event.

Permit renewal process. The Adopt-A-Creek permits is valid for two years (four years if you have renewed your permit). Before your permit expires, we will send you a renewal letter along with an Adopt-A-Creek application approximately one month prior to your permit's expiration date. To renew your permit, simply return the completed application in the self-addressed, postage-paid envelope provided for your convenience.

Adopt-A-Creek signs. The water district recognizes participants by placing an official Adopt-A-Creek sign with your group's name at the adopted creek site. The sign will be installed near a main road or street for everyone to see!

If you are experiencing any problems with your Adopt-A-Creek sign, such as graffiti or vandalism, contact us at (408) 265-2607, ext. 2739.