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Nai Hsueh, Director - District 5

Nai Hsueh
Re-elected: November 2016
Term expires: December 2020


Board Committee Assignments:
Board Policy and Planning Committee
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Committee
Water Conservation and Demand Management Committee

Board Ad Hoc Committee Assignments:

Board Advisory Committee Assignments:
Agricultural Water Advisory Committee (Alt)
Environmental and Water Resources Committee (Alt)

External Committee Assignments:
Association of California Water Agencies
California WateReuse Association (Education,
   Legislative, and Potable Reuse Committees) (Alt)
Landscape Committee
San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority (Alt)
Santa Clara County Recycling and Waste
   Reduction Commission (Alt)       

District 5 unites the closely related cities of Saratoga and Cupertino, then adds in the balance
of the Cupertino Union Elementary School District. The balance of the district is the portion
of Sunnyvale south of Central Expressway and southwestern San Jose where the city extends
down a narrow corridor between Campbell, Cupertino, and Saratoga. Cities, places and
neighborhoods include Cupertino, San Jose (southwest part), Santa Clara (southwest part),
Saratoga, and Sunnyvale (southern part). Watersheds include West Valley (part) and Lower
Peninsula (part). School Districts include Campbell Union Elementary (part), Campbell
Union High (part), Cupertino Union Elementary (part), Fremont Union High (part),
Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High (part), Moreland Elementary (part), Santa Clara
Unified (part), Saratoga Union Elementary (part), and Sunnyvale Elementary (part).

Nai Hsueh is a long time resident of Santa Clara County currently residing with her family in
District 5.

Nai is passionate about the services provided by the District: water supply, flood protection,
and environmental stewardship. She is committed to governing the District with ethical and
transparent leadership, prudent management of District finances and other resources, and a
long-term and countywide perspective.

Nai has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Hydraulic Engineering and is a Registered Civil
Engineer in California. She worked at the District for three decades rising from Junior Engineer
to Chief of Capital Programs. Nai has in-depth knowledge of District programs, projects,
finances, and budget. She served as a member of the District’s Environmental Advisory
Committee in 2011 and 2012, and is committed to working collaboratively with other Board
members and seeking input from the community to ensure that the District is a high-performing
organization focusing on its mission.

Director Hsueh may be contacted by e-mail at

Correspondence to the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Members may sent via 
e-mail at

District 5 Detailed Map
District 5 Map

Training Certificates
12/06/2016 Ethics Training Certificate
10/30/2017 Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training (AB 1825)

Director Expense Reports
09/12/2017 FY 2017 Q4
06/13/2017 FY 2017 Q3
03/14/2017 FY 2017 Q2
12/13/2016 FY 2017 Q1
09/13/2016 FY 2016 Q1 - Q4
09/08/2015 FY 2015 Q1 - Q4
09/08/2014 FY 2014 Q1 - Q4
11/08/2013 FY 2013 Q2 - Q4