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At the Santa Clara Valley Water District, we have the privilege of serving the very diverse community of Santa Clara County. As the organization responsible for management of county’s water resources, we serve all of the county’s businesses and residents. To best serve the community, it is important for our workforce to mirror the diversity of the community. Therefore, we have made it a priority to build a diverse and inclusive organization; to value individual diversity; and to promote and practice inclusion.

The water district is committed to the quality of work life. Our employees are our most valuable resource. We promote inclusion, first because each individual deserves respect, but also because it strengthens the organization to better serve the community. In an inclusive environment, individual differences are valued and different perspectives are leveraged. This helps the district to make better decisions, be sensitive to diverse community, communicate effectively and improve our service to our community.

As our local and global environments continue to change, a diverse and inclusive water district will be ready to respond quickly to change, and to harness innovation to optimize our contribution to a safe and healthy Santa Clara County.

Diversity mission statement
To enhance employees’ quality of worklife and promote an inclusive workforce based on respecting and valuing individual differences. This will improve workplace productivity and increase the quality of services delivered to the community.

Diversity vision statement
We are an organization that creates, promotes and sustains an inclusive work environment where every District employee is treated with respect and dignity.