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Teacher Materials

All educational materials listed below are free to teachers in Santa Clara County. Contact Heidi McFarland (408) 630-2331 to find out how you can obtain these items.


The ABC's of Water

ABC cover2

Story Video   

First Lesson:

    Second Lesson:

The Little Blue Hen: A Water Conservation Story

Blue Hen Cover

Story Video

 Teach a Mouse to Save Water 

Mouse cover

Story Video

This is Recycled Water

Recycle water cover

Story Video

Chicken Little's Flood Advice

Chicken cover

Story Video

 The Three Little Pigs and the Bad Weather Wolf


Story Video

Sing The Water Cycle

Sing The Water Cycle cover





Mapping History

Watch our mapping history video here .

Santa Clara Valley Water District History - A teacher's activity guide, Grades 4 through high school
This activity guide includes activities and resources focusing on the history of water in the Santa Clara Valley. The guide is only available on-line.

Topical single-sheet lessons

Teachers - for answer keys, send an e-mail request to Education and Volunteer Coordinator, Heidi McFarland.

Songs and lessons,
Grades 3 to 8
Six songs sung to familiar tunes teach about local watersheds and the water cycle. Song sheets are available to download as a printable PDF file.

Project Water Science, Grades 7 to 10
Developed by the Water Education Foundation, this series of 10 laboratory exercises is suitable for either physical or earth science classes. The labs explore the chemical nature of water and its role in the ecosystem.

Games, puzzles and magic

  • Water Walk Game, Grades 3+
    Preventing pollution of local creeks and rivers.

Water Word crossword puzzles

 One   Two   Three   Four   Five 
 Six   Seven   Eight   Nine   Te


The district requires a refundable deposit of $10 per video or CD. Contact to reserve these for your classrooms.

  • Adopt-A-Creek Program, VHS, All ages, six minutes.
    An overview of the district’s Adopt-a-Creek program.
  • Cadillac Desert, a four part VHS series, Grades 9+, 250 min.
    Chronicles the growth of a thriving civilization in the great American desert; the sometimes violent resistance to this achievement; the abundance it has brought; and the risk it has created at home and abroad.
  • Chasing El Nino! A VHS NOVA production.
  • Down the Drain, VHS, Grades 1-8, 40 minutes.
    All aspects of water including the water cycle and water quality.
  • Eyewitness Weather, VHS narrated by Martin Sheen, Grades 5+, 35 min.
    A whirlwind tour of the Earth’s turbulent atmosphere.
  • Ground Water Basics: An Introduction to Ground Water, 12 minute VHS, produced by the American Ground Water Trust
    • For more groundwater information and a video click here .
  • Life and Times Along the Guadalupe River, VHS, Grades 4+
  • Setting the Course: The California Bay-Delta, VHS, Grades 4+, one hour exploring the Delta Challenge.
  • Skywatching: A Video Guide to the Daytime Sky, Grades 3+, 40 minutes.
    Facts and folklore on the sky, the sun, clouds, weather and weather hazards.
  • The Synthetic Sea: Plastics in the Open Ocean, VHS, produced by Algalita Marine Research Foundation.
  • The Surfer, the Garbageman and the Lady in the Sky, VHS, Grades 5+
  • Take This Walk With Me In The Foothills: A complete guide for making nature hikes interactive, meaningful and fun, VHS produced by Environmental Volunteers, a complete guide for beginning or experienced environmental educators.
  • Wastewater Journey, VHS produced by the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant
  • The Water Cycle; Albert Einstein and Aqueduct Safety; Water who needs it? by California Department of Water Resources ( VHS
  • Water Follies, All ages, 7 minute VHS.
    Water conservation cartoons. 
  • Water Well Basics, Grade 6+, VHS produced by the American Ground Water Trust.
  • Water You Doing, Grade 7+ 35 minute VHS.Witty presentation of urban runoff (storm water) issues.