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Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Plan

Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program replaces this Plan by voters on Nov. 6, 2012

Your vote at work!

In November of 2000, the voters of Santa Clara County supported a ballot measure entitled the Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Plan.

This program, which created a countywide special parcel tax, included four major outcomes which provides a defined level of service and accomplishments over the course of a 15-year period.

The ensure accountability to the voters, the ballot measure also created an Independent Monitoring Committee, appointed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors. The Independent Monitoring Committee annually reviews the implementation of the intended results of the program and reports its findings to the Board, which makes the Committee report available to the residents and voters of Santa Clara County.

Clean, Safe Creeks Plan outcomes  

Outcome 1) Flood protection for homes, schools, businesses and transportation
The plan includes nine new flood protection projects to safeguard approximately 16,000 parcels, including homes, schools, businesses, agricultural lands and public facilities. Vital transportation networks (220 miles of streets and highways in all) will also be protected by these projects.

Outcome 2) Clean, safe water in our creeks and bays
Improving the quality of water in the county's creeks and bays and the natural features of stream corridors is vital to Santa Clara County 's quality of life, and are key components of the District's watershed approach.

Outcome 3) Healthy creek and bay ecosystems
The health of a creek reflects the conditions throughout the watershed, not just those along its banks. The Water District's environmental work protects and restores habitats and encourages the return of endangered species such as the red-legged frog, steelhead trout and salt marsh harvest mouse.

Outcome 4) Trails, parks and open space along waterways
Watersheds, stream corridors and flood protection levees offer hundreds of acres of land for the entire community to use and enjoy. The Water District partners with cities and the county to provide open space and recreational opportunities.

For more information on the Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Plan, contact Ngoc Nguyen, Santa Clara Valley Water District Interim Deputy Operating Officer – Watersheds Design and Construction, at (408) 630-2632.