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To manage and protect the valley's water resources, the Santa Clara Valley Water District requires permits under two Santa Clara Valley Water District Ordinances:  Water Resources Protection Ordinance and 90-1 (the District Well Ordinance).

District Ordinance 90-1 requires permitting for any person digging, boring, drilling, deepening, refurbishing, or destroying a water well, cathodic protection well,  observation well, monitoring well, exploratory boring (45 feet or deeper), or other deep excavation that intersects the groundwater aquifers of Santa Clara County.  If a well is proposed on District property or easement, a District encroachment permit is also required.

The Water Resources Protection Ordinance requires that permits be obtained for projects or activities that occur on District fee title property or within District easements or for activities that may impact District facilities.  Adoption of the Water Resources Protection Ordinance in 2006 repealed the prior District permitting ordinance referenced as Ordinance 83-2. 



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