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Filing a Claim Against the Santa Clara Valley Water District

  1. Claims, pursuant to Government Code §810, and following, for money or damage to persons and/or property (real and personal) must be filed with the Clerk of the Board, Santa Clara Valley Water District (District), 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95120. Claims may be mailed, hand delivered, or emailed to:

  2. To obtain a claim form contact the Risk Manager at

  3. Upon receipt of completed form, a receipt of claim letter is sent to Claimant and an investigation is opened. Upon completion of investigation of the claim the Claimant will be notified of the decision regarding the claim. Contact the Risk Manager at for status of claim.

  4. Acceptance of a claim submission by the District must not be viewed as an admission of fault or responsibility by the District. Submission of a claim is intended only to start the District’s claim evaluation process. The claim evaluation process takes time to gather the facts about the incident and evaluate the legal issues.

     a. There is a multiple step analytical process which follows submission of a claim.
         The Risk Manager must:

      1. Confirm the Claimant has suffered the claimed loss, injury, or damage (collectively referred to as “loss”)

      2. Ascertain whether the District is legally responsible for that loss

      3. Determine if there was any culpability (comparative negligence, assumption of risk, etc.) attributable to the Claimant or any other party, and, if there was culpability, evaluate its impact on the amount of the claim

      4. In cases where an item is damaged, determine the depreciated value of that item. (The District, in a manner like common insurance company practice, does not pay replacement value for an item.)