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Fuel Leaks and Solvents

Leaking underground storage tanks

On July 1, 2004, the oversight responsibility for investigations and clean-up of releases from underground storage tanks was transferred from the Santa Clara Valley Water District to the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health.

 The Department of Environmental Health now maintains the electronic case files. For information and to view former and current fuel leak case data prior to April 1, 2014 please click here. Current information and data for fuel leak sites is available on GeoTracker.

Solvent and toxic release cases

Solvent and toxic release sites in Santa Clara County are primarily regulated by the following Agencies:

The Santa Clara Valley Water District provides peer review to regulatory agencies on hazardous material release cases that pose the greatest threat to groundwater resources.

View historic solvent case files

Some historic solvent case files are available online. Please note, these files are not maintained by the district. For complete case files, including the most recently submitted reports, contact the regulatory agency overseeing the case. Use the search tool at the bottom of this page to view historic files. If you have questions, please contact George Cook at (408) 630-2964, or send an email to