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2015 Safe, Clean Water Program Partnership Opportunities

SCWThe Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program provides funding for partnerships between the Santa Clara Valley Water District and appropriate local government and non-profit groups to:

  • Reduce toxins, hazards and contaminants, such as mercury and pharmaceuticals, in our waterways (Priority B)

  • Restore fish, bird and wildlife habitat; and to provide new access to trails and open space (Priority D)

The Board-approved 5-Year Implementation Plan [PDF] provides details on funding levels.

To exercise effective management, fund priority projects, and maintain a fair and transparent selection process, a Safe, Clean Water Program Partnership Process and Guidelines were established. The process calls for:

  1. Notification on the dstrict’s webpage
  2. Receiving proposals from potential partners
  3. Panel review and evaluation of proposals
  4. Recommending partnerships for Board or Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’s approval as appropriate

The Interdisciplinary Review Panel will recommend partnerships for funding and approval. This process is intended to be budgeted and implemented on an annual basis. The process will be reviewed for improvements annually.

Submittal Dates
During Fiscal Year 2015, there are two separate review panel meetings: 

  Submittal Due Date Review Panel
   Oct. 8, 2014 Week of Oct. 22, 2014
   Feb. 3, 2015 Week of Feb. 17, 2015

Materials received after the due date for any panel date will be reviewed at the next scheduled review meeting.

Interested parties are required to confirm schedules for submittals with the district Point of Contact listed below. Parties are encouraged to submit five hard copies of all application materials along with an electronic copy (on a CD or a flash drive.) 

Point of Contact
Entities interested in exploring partnership opportunities are encouraged to contact the district’s Point of Contact. Parties will be directed to complete a Partnership Exploratory Form and be referred to a district project lead to identify the appropriate funding source and formulate partnership proposals.

Sarah Young, Senior Project Manager
Santa Clara Valley Water District
5750 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 630-2468

Information Needed for Evaluation:

The package should consist of the following elements:

  1. Partnership Exploratory Form 
  2. Response to partnership guidelines
  3. Statement about how the project addresses the specific benefits and key performance indicators for the Safe, Clean Water Program Priorities (B and D)
  4. Project scope (including indication of adequate land tenure) (Appendix A)
  5. Project schedule – Identify schedule through construction or final completion of Project (Appendix B)
  6. Project budget – Identify how proposed partnership funds will be used and identify both District’s and partners’ contributions (  Appendix C: Sample Budget Sheet   )
  7. Proper authorizing resolution from each partner’s governing body, giving authorization to enter into exploration for and commit funding for partnership projects (Appendix G: Sample Resolution)
  8. List of required permits or comments as applicable to the Project with date and approving agencies. Examples include permits required by: ACOE, DFG, USFWS, NMFS, BCDC, RWQCB, city permits
  9. Other information as requested by the District.