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Safe, Clean Water & Natural Flood Protection Program Independent Monitoring Committee

To ensure accountability to the voters, the ballot measure also created an Independent Monitoring Committee, appointed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors. The Independent Monitoring Committee annually reviews the implementation of the intended results of the program and reports its findings to the Board, which makes the Committee report available to the residents and voters of Santa Clara County.

Board Representative
Director John L. Varela

Board Alternate
Director Richard P. Santos


Committee Liaison: Jessica Collins,  1-408-630-2200


Meeting Information

Meeting Location
Independent Monitoring Committee meetings are usually held at the District Headquarters at 5700 Almaden Expressway.

Committee Members

Jurisdiction Member Name Term
District 1         Julie Hutcheson
Doug Muirhead

3 year
2 year

District 2         Kathleen Sutherland 3 year
District 3        

Tara Martin-Milius
Carmen Montano

3 year
2 year

District 4

Joe Head
Debra Cauble

3 year
2 year

District 5 Bill Hoeft
Eileen McLaughlin
2 year
3 year
District 6 Patrick Kwok
Dan McCorquodale  
3 year
2 year
District 7 Tess Byler
Kit Gordon
2 year
3 year

Interested parties may apply to serve on the committee by submitting a complete Committee Application to the Office of the Clerk of the Board. 

e-mail smallFor more information
For technical information and copies of reports, please contact Jessica Collinsat 1-408-630-2200. 
For additional information, please contact Glenna Brambill in the Office of the Clerk of the Board at 1-408-630-2408.