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Key water conservation rebates will double until September


For information on water conservation programs, call 408-630-2554

UPDATE: In November, the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors
approved an extension of the rebate program through June 2015.

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More info: Drought Watch 2014

More cash for landscape conversions, graywater systems, irrigation equipment and more

DATE: April 24, 2014

SAN JOSE—There’s never been a better time to utilize the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s many water conservation programs. On Tuesday, Apr. 22, the district’s board of directors approved additional funds to support water conservation efforts in response to California’s extraordinary drought. The board authorized as much as $1.25 million in additional funds to increase rebate amounts for conservation programs and to extend the district’s multi-media water conservation campaign.

The district has offered numerous rebates since 1992 to encourage water conservation as a way of life. But with the ongoing drought, the board has taken action to add funding to the program to support the increased rebate amounts. The increases in rebate amounts are temporary, to provide a greater incentive for residents and businesses to act now to implement permanent water conservation changes. At the end of September 2014, the district will evaluate whether to extend the increased rebate amounts longer.

Rebate amounts for several key programs have doubled, while others have increased significantly:

  • Landscape conversions rebates have doubled from $1 per square foot to $2 per square foot. This amount is even higher in areas that have a cost sharing partner, such as Palo Alto, Morgan Hill and the San José Municipal Water System.
  • The district’s “Laundry to Landscape” graywater rebate program has been doubled to $200 per system. 
  • Several irrigation hardware rebates have doubled. Customers may receive up to $1,000 for landscape meters, flow sensors and hydrometers.
  • Weather based irrigation controllers are now eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000 per controller that serves 13 to 24 stations and $2,000 per controller that serves 25 or more stations.
  • Businesses that implement large-scale projects that reduce water use can receive a rebate of $8 per 100 cubic feet of water (CCF) saved per year, or 50 percent of the project cost, whichever is less. That’s double the previous rebate amount. The amount is even higher in areas that have a cost sharing partner, such as San José Municipal Water System.
  • Connectionless commercial food steamers can earn a rebate up to $1,000 per compartment, up from $485.
  • Rebates for commercial clothes washers can qualify for a rebate up to $800 per washer, doubling the previous amount.

Before purchasing equipment or beginning any project, customers should check eligibility requirements at or call the district’s water conservation hotline at 408-630-2554.

As part of its long-term water supply plan, the district has more than 20 water conservation programs to fulfill a long term goal of saving 98,800 acre-feet of water by the year 2030, when water conservation efforts are projected to account for approximately 20 percent of the county’s total water supply.

Last fiscal year, the district’s and community’s efforts saved 56,000 acre-feet of water. Since the district began investing in water conservation in 1992, water use in Santa Clara County has remained relatively flat despite a 25 percent increase in population over the same time period.

The board of directors also approved up to $250,000 to extend a multi-media water conservation outreach campaign into the summer. The additional funds will be used to develop new advertisements that focus on the current drought and call for immediate behavioral changes to help reach the countywide target of 20 percent water reductions in 2014.