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Doing Business With the District

The Santa Clara Valley Water District manages the procurement of goods and services with the highest level of integrity, ethics, and accountability.

The district solicits services and awards contracts through a fair, open, transparent, and competitive process that also actively promotes Small and Local Business Enterprises through preference credits.

Quick Links

  1. Contract Administration System (CAS) web portal
  2. Current Bids
  3. Awarded Bids
  4. CAS web portal Account Setup Instructions [PDF 1.7 MB] 
  5. How to Respond to RFPs [PDF 1 MB]

Learn more about doing business with the district in the areas of interest to you:

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The Consultant Contracts Services Unit manages procurement of consultant services over $25,000 (engineering, insurance, audits, etc.) The Purchasing Unit manages the procurement of goods and general services, including consulting and public works services under $25,000 (chemicals, pipeline parts, vehicles, janitorial, security services, etc.)
The Capital Planning and Analysis Unit manages the procurement of Public Works services over $25,000 Learn more about small and local businesses preference credits.

Connect with Us

HOTLINE: 408-630-2992

CCS Team 

Roderick Jefferson, Supervising Program Administrator
Hortencia Gonzalez, Management Analyst II
Helen Hoang, Senior Management Analyst


Paul Fulcher, Management Analyst II
Kimberley Linser, Management Analyst II