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Putting together grant and partnership agreements

The Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection (Safe, Clean Water) Program provides grants and partnership funds. After funding decisions are made, grantees and partners need to enter into grants or partnership agreements before the start of any work. Payment requests can then be made per the terms and conditions established in the agreements.  

The process for executing grant agreements is as follows:

  1. District provide latest templates
  2. Grantee or Partner compile a draft agreement in consultation with District.  Please see additional tips and an alternative budget sheet template ). Grantee or Partner vet internally the draft agreement
  3. Grantee or Partner email vetted agreement (Version 1)
  4. District route the agreement (Version 1) internally
  5. District provide Grantee all changes made to the agreement (Version 2)
  6. Grantee reviews the changes, sign and mail two sets of signed agreements (Version 2) to District
  7. District counter signs the agreements (Version 2)
  8. District mail one fully executed agreement to the Grantee or Partner (Version 2)

While putting the templates together, please be sure to prepare the following:

  1. Certificates of Insurances (Commercial, Business Auto and Workers Comp)
  2. Resolution, if not signed at the time of the application.
  3. CEQA documentation
  4. A signed IRS W-9 Form

If this is the first time you are working on District grants or partnerships, please contact Sarah Young (408) 630-2468 to walk through the templates.

Examples of past projects and measurable outcomes are as follows: