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Diversity Defined

Diversity defined

What is diversity?

Diversity is "A broad term encompassing all the ways that we human beings are both similar and different. It involves variations in factors we control as well as those over which we have no choice." (Managing Diversity, Gardeswartz and Rowe)

It includes the personal and cultural aspects such as education level, race, gender, age, language, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical attributes, personality, thinking style, nationality, level of income, work background, marital status, military status, language and geographic location. It also includes organizational conditions and differences which can include management status, work location, title, employment status, division/department, to name a few.

The essence of diversity is embracing and valuing these differences in the workplace.

Diversity strategy

The goal of our diversity strategy is to create a workplace environment that values diversity and enables employees to reach their full potential. Key strategies:

  • Achieve a culture change to valuing diversity beyond race and gender.
  • Develop training and tools to help managers and employees create an inclusive environment for all.
  • Develop an ethics' program to enhance the district's public service and work environment.