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How to Apply for Graywater Rebate

Graywater laundry to landscape rebate

To receive assistance with the steps outlined below, review the resources on the main Graywater Resources Page, or contact the district via email or by calling (408) 630-2554. To follow up on an existing application, call (408) 630-2684.

  1. Complete the self-guided pre-inspection located here [PDF]. Note: The self-guided pre-inspection is not the application. Completing Steps 1-3 is required to receive the application.

    Along with completing the self-guided pre-inspection, be prepared to provide:

    • Photographs of the laundry area, exterior wall, and landscape area to be irrigated by graywater. Additional photographs of the relevant project area can be provided. 

    • A diagram or schematic that depicts where the graywater piping and outlets will be installed relative to the home, washing machine, property lines, and the plants to be irrigated with graywater. Click here for an example [PDF].

    • A recent copy of the property's water bill.

    • Responses to any requested feedback regarding the above items.

    • Onsite pre-inspections can be considered in lieu of providing the above requested materials.

  2. An application will be provided once Step 1 is completed successfully, and after the district confirms the property passes the depth-to-groundwater requirement (no action from the applicant is required for this step). 

  3. Return the completed application. Your project will not be approved without submitting the signed application.

  4. Within 90 days of approval, implement your project and contact the district for a post-inspection once complete.

  5. The $200 rebate check is generally mailed 4-6 weeks after passing the post-inspection.

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