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Transparency and Accountability

As a public agency, the water district is committed to being transparent and accountable with regard to our operations and business practices. Many aspects of the water district's operations are periodically evaluated, analyzed or audited. Reports from these analyses are public information and are made available below. In addition, the district's Strategic Plan 2010-2015 is included for general interest.

On May 9, 2014, the district hosted a Blue Ribbon Transparency Summit. To see videos of the presentaiton and discussion, and to download the agenda, go here >>

  • Board of Directors Quarterly Performance Reports: The Board of Directors Quarterly Performance Reports provide an overview of the Board Appointed Officers Outcome Measures, accomplishments, and exceptions in achieving the planned outcomes in Water Utility, Watersheds, Administration, and the Office of the CEO.

  • Board of Directors Annual Performance Reports: Performance reports of the Board to monitor its own performance against its Governance Policies.

  • Clean, Safe Creeks & Natural Flood Protection Plan Independent Monitoring Committee: Annual reports on the district's progress in implementing the Clean, Safe Creeks (special parcel tax measure) program.

  • Grand Jury reports: The Santa Clara County Grand Jury's reviews and evaluations of procedures, methods and systems used by the district during the normal course of business.

  • District Strategic Plan: Like many other water resources agencies in California, the district is facing a fast-changing operating environment with unprecedented challenges on many fronts, led by an uncertain local, state and national economic climate. To address these challenges, the district updated an agency-wide strategic plan that included business analyses and review of the vision, issues, goals, strategies and tactics for the next three to five years, 2010 – 2015.

  • Board Audit Committee: The Board of Directors established an Audit Committee to receive an independent review of district activities to ensure sound fiscal management. Reports for audits and reviews commissioned by the board can be found on the Board Audit Committee webpage.