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Santa Clara Valley Water District Quality and Environmental Policy

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is committed to organizational excellence and environmental stewardship, and as such, maintains an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) conforming to ISO standards. The QEMS supports the organization’s continual improvement through the development of a robust employee knowledge base, which ensures continuity of daily operations and facilitates succession planning. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of each individual working for or on behalf of the District.

Specifically, the District commits to the following:

  • Purpose
    Provide Silicon Valley safe, clean water for a healthy life, environment, and economy.(Q5.3a/E4.2a)
  • Customers
    Meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. (Q5.2)
  • Environmental Stewardship
    Provide environmental stewardship through prevention of pollution and minimizing and managing environmental impacts by setting and regularly reviewing quality and environmental objectives. (E4.2b)
  • Continual Improvement
    Ensure the QEMS is regularly monitored and improved in accordance with ISO requirements to ensure that all District products and services offer the highest level of quality while maximizing the District’s environmental stewardship efforts. (Q5.3b)
  • Compliance
    Compliance with Board policies and statutory and regulatory requirements related to the District’s quality and environmental processes. (E4.2c)
  • Policy, Objectives, and Targets
    Ensure this policy is documented, maintained, and implemented, and, in addition to the District’s quality and environmental objectives and targets, reviewed for continuing suitability through periodic Management Reviews. (Q5.3c and 5.3e/E4.2d and 4.2e)
  • Awareness and Competence
    Ensure, through workforce development, training, communication, and succession planning, that each individual working for and on behalf of the District has the awareness, skills, and knowledge to carry out this policy in a manner that maximizes effectiveness, ensures continuity of daily operations, promotes continual improvement, and contributes to environmental stewardship. (Q5.3d/E4.2f)
  • Public
    Ensure this policy is available to the public. (E4.2g)

Note: The ISO standard clause numbers for both Quality and Environmental Management Systems are cross-referenced in italics.

For information about the District's Quality and Environmental Management System,
please call the QEMS Hotline, 408-630-3100, or email