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Lobbyist Ordinance of the Santa Clara Valley Water District

In June 2010, the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 10-01 relating to the registration of lobbyists, reporting requirements governing activities of lobbyists and communications with Board members, and disclosure by Directors of contact with lobbyists.

The Lobbyist Ordinance states that each lobbyist shall register with the Clerk of the Board (Clerk) and shall be deemed active from and after the date of registration until December 31 of the year of registration.  (Use Lobbyist Report Form below for initial registration.) 

  • A lobbyist shall renew his/her registration by January 15 of each succeeding year unless such lobbyist has filed with the Clerk a declaration under penalty of .  (A FEE SCHEDULE WILL BE DETERMINED, APPROVED BY THE BOARD, NOTICED AND POSTED.)

  • No lobbyist may permissibly engage in lobbying perjury terminating his/her status as a lobbyist.  (May use Form A below.)

  • Upon initial registration and yearly upon renewal of registration, lobbyists shall pay a fee in an amount to be recommended by the Clerk and approved by resolution of the Board, which fee shall not exceed the reasonable cost of the service provided pursuant to this Ordinance unless he/she has first registered or has renewed registration and paid the fee (once determined) required by this Section.


01.  Lobbyist Report 07/22/2011    07.  Lobbyist Report 01/15/2014
02.  Lobbyist Report 12/02/2011 08.  Lobbyist Report 07/15/2014
03.  Lobbyist Report 01/18/2012 09.  Lobbyist Report 02/24/2015
04.  Lobbyist Report 07/18/2012 10.  Lobbyist Report 08/11/2015
05.  Lobbyist Report 01/15/2013 11.  Lobbyist Report 03/08/2016
06.  Lobbyist Report 07/15/2013 12.  Lobbyist Report 08/05/2016


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   Lobbyist Report  (Form & Instructions) 
   Form A - Lobbyist Annual Registration and Client Renewal  
   Form B - Contract Lobbyist Notice of New Client  
   Form C - Contract Lobbyist Client Notice of Termination