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Redistricting Criteria (2010)

This information is specific to the 2010 AB466 Redistricting process
(for the 2011 Redistricting process - click here)

Criteria to Guide Redistricting

The following criteria have been identified as crucial to ensuring that the the redistricting process proceeds in a transparent, inclusive, and comprehensive manner. These criteria were reviewed and adopted by the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Board of Directors on October 27, 2009. There is no priority or ranking implied by the order in which the criteria are listed below:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws, including the avoidance of gerrymandering. 
  2. Equalize the population count in each District within 10%. 
  3. Minimize the dilution of votes, and avoid the fragmentation or the over-compaction of ethnic communities. 
  4. Maintain cohesive neighborhoods within Districts and, where possible, keep neighborhood associations within a single District. 
  5. Avoid moving current elected District board members out of their districts. 
  6. To the extent possible, recognize the importance of parks, creeks and public facilities in Districts. 
  7. To the extent possible, provide income diversity within Districts.
  8. Strive to balance District interests with county-wide interests, but not at the expense or exclusion of individual Districts.
  9. To the extent possible, take into account the projected patterns in housing and population growth that have occurred since the 2000 census.

e-mail smallFor more information on the Santa Clara Valley Water District AB 466 redistricting process, or to provide input, please contact Rick Callender at (408) 265-2607, ext. 2017.