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2014-2015 Water Charges & Retailers

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is a water wholesaler. The following charges reflect what water retailers and agricultural users pay for wholesale or well water.

The 2014 Water Utility Enterprise Report: Protection and Augmentation of Water Supplies or PAWS 2014 Report presents the financial and water supply information that forms the basis for the fiscal year 2014-2015 wholesale water charges.

Questions about retail water charges should be addressed to the appropriate retail water agency.

Water charges for Fiscal Year 2014 - 2015 (effective July 1, 2014)

Type of Charge
Agricultural Water (AF)
Non-Agricultural Water
    Zone W-2
    Zone W-5
        (See a zone map)

Surface Water 1

    Zone W-2 Deliveries 2
    Zone W-5 Deliveries 3
    Minimum Charge--Zone W-2 4
    Minimum Charge--Zone W-5 5
Treated Water
    Contract 6
    Non-contract 7
Recycled water




1 Surface water charge is the sum of the basic user charge plus the water master charge.

2 Other Zone W-2 Deliveries = Basic User (AG or M&I @ $19.14/AF or $747/AF) + Water Master ($18.60/AF).

3 Other Zone W-5 Deliveries = Basic User (AG or M&I @ $19.14/AF or $319/AF) + Water Master ($18.60/AF).

4 Minimum Charge W-2 = 0.75 X Basic User W-2 (M&I @ $747/AF, Ag @ 19.14/AF).

5 Minimum Charge W-5 = 0.75 X Basic User W-5 (M&I @ $319/AF, Ag @ 19.14/AF).

6 Treated Water Charge is the sum of Basic User ($747/AF) and Treated Water Surcharge ($100/AF).

7 The charge for non-contract deliveries is the sum of the basic user charge ($747/AF) and the treated water surcharge for non-contract water ($150/AF). 

AF = acre feet

Ag = agricultural

Non-Ag = municipal and industrial